Triple Red is now Avidity Science

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Now that the Pico has been installed, we are really pleased with our purchase; the installation process was handled professionally and without issue.

UKBA Uk Business Award Triple Red finalists

Featured Installation

This new laboratory in the Academic sector has been stylishly furnished by its creators. The designers required laboratory water systems which would be sympathetic to their plans and the Triple Red range of bench-top systems were the ultimate option for them. Offering Type 1, 2 and 3 water throughout the laboratory, our range offers something for every lab water requirement. In this design, DI water is held in the 30 litre storage reservoir for quick dispense from the tap and Ultrapure (18.2MΩ) water can be drawn from the handheld dispenser at 2 litres/min when called for. The water purficiation system fits neatly under the bench in this design, creating surplus space on the bench-top for the new users. 


Avidity Science manufacturers product solutions that improve effectiveness in various markets throughout the world including pharmaceutical, educational, government, biotechnology and agriculture. Based on the premise of simplifying necessary tasks, Edstrom was founded in 1969 after inventing automated water delivery for small animals.